Head of legal and compliance

We Find The Right Head Of Legal And Compliance For Your Business

The Head of Legal and Compliance is critical to the success of the modern enterprise. Where once the role was focused inward and entirely concerned with managing risk within the operation, business leaders are increasingly looking to their Head of Legal to be a driving force of creativity and innovation within the operation. Greenfields Recruitment & Search is focused on helping businesses find the perfect candidate within this ever-evolving field.


Staying on top of trends in risk and governance

Recent events through the market have been disruptive to businesses in all verticals, and of all sizes, from small businesses right through to the leading ASX businesses. These trends are here to stay, and businesses that are unable to adjust will find themselves left behind.

Executives are turning to their Head of Legal and Compliance to chart the fluid social and regulatory environment, helping their businesses to safely transition to become more technically-capable, digitally-orientated and innovative, without exposing their business to risk.

At the same time, the expectations of a Head of Legal is shifting, both in terms of the professional opportunities, and the work/life balance that that they’re looking for. Finding the ideal Head of Legal and Compliance is not just about finding someone with the right skillsets on paper. The fit into the organisation has never been more important, at a time where job fluidity and skill shortages have never been higher.

Greenfields Recruitment & Search is a specialist in finding the right Head of Legal and Compliance for an organisation, regardless of the sector and size of the enterprise. Our vetting process is extensive and understands that a candidate’s appropriateness for a role is about more than their background on paper, and we leverage that expertise to ensure that the shortlist that we provide you are truly the best people in the job.


A truly consultative partnership

We understand that finding a Head of Legal is about the business as much as it is the role, and we take pride in our process, and the in-depth understanding that we develop of our partner’s businesses. Our goal is to always form long-term partnerships that allow us to continue to serve and assist with your enterprise’s success over the long term. In this way we see ourselves as a truly consultative arm to your business.

We take the value of expertise seriously, attending – and even hosting – events and roundtables that allow us to be true experts in the sectors that we operate in. You only need on Head of Legal and Compliance, and it’s the kind of role that you want to fill and then maintain over the long term. Where recruitment can sometimes slide into becoming a numbers game, our assurance is that we only deal in quality, and our ability to put the right Head of Legal candidates in front of you rests on our ability to deeply understand your business.

For more information on how we can assist you in finding the ideal Head of Legal candidate, contact us on +61 291 861 000.