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Finding the right In-House Lawyer, Legal Counsel or Company Secretary

Finding a good In-House Lawyer and/ or Company Secretary is critical to the health of a business. Every organisation needs to stay razor-focused on not only risk management and strategies but also strategic growth. Selecting the right In-House Legal Counsel for your business is essential, and the right candidate should have a combination of experience and skillset, as well as being a good cultural fit for your business.

Greenfields Executive Recruitment & Search partners with many diverse businesses to help them find the ideal In-House Counsel candidates. Those that we work with range from Top ASX-Listed organisations through to the biggest Global Corporations and Multinationals looking to expand to into Australia and New Zealand.

Size, complexity, business strategy, composition of the existing team and needs of the business are all important aspects to consider when selecting an In-House Legal Counsel and/ or Company Secretary.


The value of specialization in this talent short area

Greenfields Executive Recruitment & Search is a niche provider of specialist In-House Legal and Company Secretarial recruitment and search services.  We have invested heavily in becoming part of the community and building the right kinds of networks to ensure we have established a leading presence in this talent short area.

Our clients often operate in highly regulated environments with ever changing dynamics and we are experts in asking the right questions during briefings, sourcing and interviewing candidates, accessing technical capabilities and cultural fits.

We can offer accurate advice on remuneration and benefits including long and short-term incentives depending on the level and nature of work required.


Our commitment to service

We like to be considered as trusted business partners who work closely with our clients in assisting them to achieve their long and short-term strategic business initiatives. When appointing an In-House Lawyer, In-House Lawyer or Company Secretary, diversity is an area where we can add value as we consider ourselves to be diversity campions and pride ourselves in providing not only quality but also balanced shortlists. We have access to a wide variety of In-House Lawyers and Company Secretaries and cater for In-House Lawyers after career development opportunities, flexible and part-time solutions or a combination of both.

Our success in finding the right candidates is down to how well-connected we are, with our finger right on the pulse for the industry. We host regular roundtables and other executive events to facilitate the sharing of information around the sector, and pride ourselves in our ability to offer not just an exceedingly high standard of service, but our ability to be thought leaders and provide in-depth value-add services to our clients.

We see ourselves as an extension for your business, and we are people and service orientated in everything that we do. Our relationship business skills, and our ability to build and maintain the trust of our clients is key to our success.

For more information on In-House Counsel recruitment please contact Catherine Wolfe-Coote 0n 0412050866 or email us at